Adopt a Village Girl Child

This project is launched to address the needs of adolescent Village Girls between the age of 11 and 18.From the beginning, our village girl children are at a disadvantage. Our culture (like many are) is strongly being partial.
The  boy child is given her status than the girl child.If a family has to choose, the boy child is the first to go to school. The girl child is the first to be dropped from school.

No matter how young she is, the girl child feels that it is her responsibility to care for her siblings. She is expected to take on added responsibilities and earn money to keep the other children.

This pressure frequently leads to early sexual activity, transnational sex and thereby increase her risk of getting HIV and other sexually transmitted infections,.At RADI, we have a particular focus on empowering village girl child to realize their full potential, including accessing health and promoting well-being. We will help to empower the village girl children to reach their full potential to empower themselves   their families, their communities, and, ultimately, our world.