Adopt a Village

This is a strategic program put in place to enable RADI implement all her projects in a given village. In Adopt a Village approach, we deliver all the program of RADI to the adopted village.This program is excellent and it creates an opportunity for an individual or private organization to be involved in providing services that will assist to change the lives of the whole community for the better.

In fact, it gives an individual and organization an opportunity to sponsor a village in Nigeria or in any other African Village thereby assists to lifting that community out of poverty.The sponsor can provide the funds that will help the community to develop through our various program such as:

Provision of basic amenities through our rural infrastructure development program.
Empower Women through our Village Women Enterprise
Medical care through our RADI Medical Outreach.
Education through our Village Girl Child Education Program.
Youth Empowerment through our YESA Projects.
Zero Hunger through our Agro Projects.
Through these programs, we provide the necessary benefits for the whole village and thereby help to create a more stable community.
Adopt a village program will help to break the circle of extreme rural poverty.
Adopt A Village Donors are given an opportunity to sponsor an entire African Village.